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1. I warrant that the details furnished on the Consent Form are true and correct in every respect.

2. I consent to and assume the risk of any potential danger to the participant, as the case may be. All participants will take part in the program entirely at their own risk and cannot hold the organizers or any partners, sponsors or their employees liable for any injury, death or any damage to or loss or destruction of property or any other economic loss or for any consequential loss in any such case arising from any accident or mishap or otherwise arising from or connected with this program.

3. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the DotAsia Organisation against any claim in respect of, any damage or loss incurred by the participant, as the case may be, or any personal injury of the Participant or damage to or loss of property of the Participant, be it direct or indirect. I also agree that the consent form shall be effective for the full duration of the program, which I acknowledge shall commence immediately the camp start, and shall terminate upon the ultimate return of the camp to the conclusion point.

4. I undertake on behalf of the participant, that the participant will at all times abide by the rules of the organizer, and shall obey all instructions for the full duration of the trip.

5. I agree to help organize and take part in any post-trip reports, sharing or activities that will be held after the field visit.

6. I agree that should there be any subsequent changes of any information given in application form, I should inform the organizer immediately.

7. I agree to the usage of my personal data and information provided under the application form as a basis of selection of applicants and for the communication between the organizer and me, and for any other purposes related to or in connection with the programme. I further agree that the Association may release my personal data and information to any participating organizations or relevant personnel when it is required for the running of the programme.

8. I understand that the organizer has the right to add or delete any workshops or sessions, or change the format or guests of any session without prior notice.

9. I acknowledge that email is the common and most-frequently used means of communication between the organizer and me, and it is my responsibility to timely obtain all updates and information of the event from my email account.

10. I understand that the organizer has the right to take photos/ videos from program participants during activities of entire program

11. I understand that the photos and videos taken from events of HKYIGF will be possibly posted on social media platforms, electronic direct mail (eDM), and website.

12. I have read in details the Important Information provided in this terms and conditions

13. I understand that the Association reserves the right to make all final decisions as to all kinds of arrangement of the programme.